About Us

origin’L threAdz, LLC, is a small family business that started for our baby boys. As our oldest grew, we were consistently frustrated as we searched, without success, for fashionable clothing that actually fit. My son is tall and skinny. So from this frustration, this mama got a wild hair while 7 months pregnant with our second child and started designing clothing. We quickly realized our family wasn’t the only ones with this problem. At first, I started sewing for my boys, later friends, and then for customers around the United States and Europe. We have gotten amazing feedback on our style and quality.

Because my kiddos are the drivers of this enterprise, we incorporated both of their first initials into origin’L threAdz. Our oldest is Liam and our youngest is Aiden. After all this business is for them.

We are a military family, so we move A LOT! But from this business, we have made so many amazing friends. Also we have the most amazing brand reps in the industry. Our reps have been an enormous part of our journey, whom we love and owe so much too. They have truly become part of our family.

We love making custom items and are always able to help with custom sizing for your little one. We know the struggle of finding pants or shorts long enough but fail to fit around the waist and want that to be a problem of the past for you. If you need special sizing please send us a message and we’ll do our best to find the best fit for your little one.

We design a lot of the fabrics ourself and have them digitally printed by outside vendors. We also appreciate and accept fabric ideas from customers and brand reps and incorporate those ideas into our designs. All of our merchandise is made to order and constructed by hand.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this dream and most of all have fun shopping!!

origin’L threAdz family